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Selectively highlight your products. Using your ID

Sampling in different parts of your Prestashop.

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Demos Front

Test the module functionalities: Link to Demo Front

Demos BackOffice

Test the module configuration: Link to Demo BackOffice

Main functionality

Show products in different parts of your Prestashop, selectively selecting them using their ID.

What problem does this module solve?

The main utility of this module is the promotion of certain products and in certain areas of the web.

Sometimes Prestashop enables us to highlight products of a certain category or for example the best sellers, etc. With this module you can have absolute control over which products will be shown in each part of your virtual store.

Where will the products be displayed?

The module generates individualized lists for each location

  • Hook displayLeftColum: in the left column.

  • Hook displayHome: in the Home of your online Store.

  • Hook displayProductAdditionalInfo: on the product tab in the additional information area.

  • Hook displayFooterProduct: at the foot of the product.

Therefore you can have different product lists in each location, enhancing your possibility of promoting your products.

Does it support multiple languages?

Yes, you can customize the different text fields for each language in which your Virtual Store is.
The module detects the languages ​​and generates the necessary fields for you to store the texts in the languages ​​you want.

Translated module

The module is translated into English, German, French and Spanish. To facilitate setup.

Output files customization

The output templates can be adapted to your liking. To do it correctly, copy the template file into your Theme Child and make the modifications you think appropriate.

There are 2 files to show the products:

It is the one used for the output in the hooks: displayHome, displayProductAdditionalInfo y displayFooterProduct

Used for hook output: displayLeftColumn

The procedure to overwrite these tpl’s is: Copy the file:

modules / didweb_featuredproduct / views / tempaltes / front / dw_fp_displayhome.tpl


modules / didweb_featuredproduct / views / tempaltes / front / dw_fp_displayleftcolum.tpl

In …

YOU_THEME_CHILD /modules / didweb_featuredproducts / templates / front / dw_fp_displayhome.tpl
YOU_THEME_CHILD / modules / didweb_featuredproducts / templates / front / dw_fp_displayleftcolum.tpl

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Watch thetutorial videoor test its configuration in our online demos:  Demo BackOffice and Front.


Data sheet

Prestashop compatible module
V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.6.5
Multi-language module
Module languages
Module functionalities
Product Highlight / Promotion / Sales
Editable TPL files


English documentation

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Documentación en Español

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Documentation en français

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